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Necklace - Rose Quartz Mala (Bead) with Buddha Charm
Bracelet - Rose Quartz Mala (Bead) with Buddha Charm

Necklace - Rose Quartz Mala (Bead) with Buddha Charm

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Material - Rose Quartz gemstone beads - otherwise know as the love gemstone

Helps protect and open the Heart Chakra clearing any blocks that occur

Rose Quartz and other pink gemstones are used to help promote love, order and protection from violence or aggression and encourage self-worth. 

The color of these stones also promote the feelings of caring, tenderness, love, and acceptance. This stone will also help encourage as sense of calm, relaxation, acceptance and contentment.

 There are 108 Mala Beads in this Necklace / Bracelet 

19 inches long - 44 cm 7mm size individual beads

The elastic band allows for multiple wraps to be used as a bracelet or simply one wrap to be used as a necklace 

There is a Buddha charm on this necklace / bracelet as a symbol of spirituality

It is an ideal Mala for meditation which offers the benefits of the healing energy of rose quartz 

Ideal for Yoga Jewelry or as a Meditation Necklace