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Necklace - Locket for Essential Oil - Flower 6 Circle

Necklace - Locket for Essential Oil - Flower 6 Circle

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Necklace details
Color: Silver
Material: High grade (316L) stainless steel
Pendant size: 30 mm 
Chain length: 24 inches
Includes assorted colored pads inserts

Product description
With the use of this unique and stylish diffuser necklace you will be able to explore your own unique creativity while at the same time accessing the many benefits of aromatherapy. The colored pads will allow you to have many options to change the color and look of your necklace which will offer you a variety of stylish options to accessorize with your clothing and wardrobe.

How to use your diffuser jewelry
Add 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil onto a pad insert, open the magnetized locket and insert the pad into the opening of the locket and close.
Once you have noticed that the scent  has faded, you can add more oil to the pad to refresh the scent as needed.
If you wish to reuse your pad you can rinse it with cool mild soapy water and let it air dry.
You will be able to reuse your pad and get several uses out of it. 
Feel free to explore your creativity and select another colored pad of your choice and try another oil as needed. This allows you to try new creative essential oils as you so desire and change your look whenever you wish. The possibilities are endless!