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Necklace - Blue Stone Mala (Bead) with Lotus Charm
Bracelet - Blue Stone Mala (Bead) with Lotus Charm

Necklace - Blue Stone Mala (Bead) with Lotus Charm

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Material - Blue stone gemstone beads

Blue stone is known as the color associated with the Throat Chakra. This is the Chakra that deals with communication and how we think and feel.

The color of this stone will help the wearer relax and will encourage better communication and general sense of overall peace and well-being.

It will help calm, and relax and open the flow of communication 

It will also help with sleep difficulty

There are 108 Mala Beads in this Necklace / Bracelet  

19 inches long - 44 cm and 8mm size individual beads

The elastic band allows for multiple wraps to be used as a bracelet or simply one wrap to be used as a necklace 

There is a Lotus charm on this necklace / bracelet as a symbol of spirituality and 2 white beads and silver accents which add to the delicate beauty of this Mala

It is an ideal Mala for meditation which offers the benefits of the healing energy of blue stone which helps calm the mind, body and spirit

Ideal for Yoga Jewelry or as a Mediation Necklace